Brandise Story

At the beginning of 2021, I was a young boy which had just finished high school and was working like most of all people a 9 to 5 job, having a dead routine, facing a lot of stressful situations, and earning income just enough to have a "normal life". 

As a young boy, I had a burning desire to wear brand fashion clothes and to have a stylish outfit. To be honest, except for the financial part it was also hard for me to find and buy clothing items that were 100% authentic/original, high quality, and stylish at the same time. 

So I just started to check out some fashion stores that were selling original clothes that would meet and fulfill my expectations. Completely by accident, I clicked on the website of a wholesale clothing items supplier, that was selling   100% original and authentic brand fashion clothes. 

At that moment one flashing idea crossed my mind: "I had the chance to find and buy clothing items as I wished by just having a business relationship with this wholesaler. Slowly after this, the idea evolved and grew, and finally, I decided to start an online fashion store that was going to sell only 100% brand fashion clothes, with the best prices so anyone like me out there could afford to buy stylish, branded, and top quality clothes.

In this way, I would help people (myself too) to have their dream apparel, show their presence to the world without saying a single word, and what's most important, feel more confident and special with their daily outfits in their daily routine.

Brandise started and continues to be an everyday wear fashion store.

Do you need to buy something to wear in the office, at home, at a party or at the gym? No problem, Brandise brings clothes from the top fashion brands from all over the world, with the best quality and style, and all this shopping from the comfort of your couch.

Our mission is to offer you an easy way to buy high-quality and stylish clothes, without worrying if the item is 100% authentic or not.

The financial aspect of Brandise is quite an important factor that is taken care of with special attention. We try to offer all our products at the most affordable prices so everyone can have the chance to do shopping with Brandise and have a stylish look and apparel.

So three words that would describe us best would be:

Stylish, Branded, and 100% authentic clothing items for everyone, everywhere at the best prices of course 🙃 !!!



Brandise - For Your Inner Chic!!!